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We Want You To Pass 1st Time
For some reason you have gone into your driving test hoping to pass but things have not gone the way you would have intended. It’s quite an annoying and sometimes depressing situation to be in, especially when everyone else seemingly passes first time, but it’s not actually like that.

You will be surprised to learn so many people do fail and its only down to a lack of preparation and understanding. What you thought was right, isn’t. That’s all, there is nothing to worry about and with our Test Rescue course it’s easy to remedy.

We’ll assess your driving, highlight the issues, check you understand why you have issues with your driving, rectify the problem and then have you smiling.

The key to re-training you and identifying the problem areas of your driving is.

1. Understanding the issue
2. Checking your understanding
3. Rectifying
4. Checking your understanding of the rectification 

We will have you sorted in no time, so pick up the phone and give us a call.



A “start to finish” training program giving you all the skills you need to stay safe and get your licence.

Part Trained

Polish up the skills you have already developed in readiness to pass your driving test.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have failed your test we’ll help fix you up, with the the right skills you need to pass.

Confidence Building

Driving is not a natural thing to do, no wonder people feel anxious but we’ll help you to be comfortable driving.

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Phone 0412 600044 or 08 8382 8721

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