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There are a few schools offering driving lessons in Reynella but which school is going to be most ideal for you to pass your driving test? We’d like to think we are going to best suit your needs to helping you get your licence, and this is why we believe you’ll like what we have to offer.

Learning to drive is pretty straight forward the difficult part of it all is staying safe from other drivers! Just read about road accidents and in most occasions they involve more than one car, it just takes one driver to cause a crash with several vehicles involved, so how do we keep you safe?

The good news is, what we are going to teach you won’t require more lessons but you’ll learn a whole lot more because our approach to driver training is different. Going with a driving school in Reynella is not about making sure you are legal and can pass, it’s about keeping you and your passengers safe. The way we teach will leave you with the ability of being able to spot hazards and positioning yourself to eradicate risk.

You can then take these skills and enjoy that at your pleasure once you are on the road, and you can be sure your driving licence is going to change your life. Having your own car and the freedom to drive improves career opportunities, the chances to get a better salary and you save time on waiting for slow public transport.

All you need to do is pick up the phone to get started.


A “start to finish” training program giving you all the skills you need to stay safe and get your licence.

Part Trained

Polish up the skills you have already developed in readiness to pass your driving test.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have failed your test we’ll help fix you up, with the the right skills you need to pass.

Confidence Building

Driving is not a natural thing to do, no wonder people feel anxious but we’ll help you to be comfortable driving.

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