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Part Trained
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We Want You To Pass 1st Time
People choose a driving school at different stages of learning to drive, you could be an outright novice who has never driven before, or maybe you have been driving with your parents and now is the time to polish up your skills.

Our part trained course is exactly for people who have already started to drive, and there are 2 areas the course concentrates on.

1. Developing existing skills – Ironing out bad habits
2. Creating new skills – with ready made good driving habits

The length of the course will depend on your abilities,
but is generally better to start early rather than later as driving habits which are frowned upon are the hardest correction for you to make.

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A “start to finish” training program giving you all the skills you need to stay safe and get your licence.

Part Trained

Polish up the skills you have already developed in readiness to pass your driving test.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have failed your test we’ll help fix you up, with the the right skills you need to pass.

Confidence Building

Driving is not a natural thing to do, no wonder people feel anxious but we’ll help you to be comfortable driving.

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