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Get Your Driving Licence The Smart Way

Giving You The Skills To Be A Safe Driver


A “start to finish” training program giving you all the skills you need to stay safe and get your licence.

Part Trained

Polish up the skills you have already developed in readiness to pass your driving test.

Driving Test Rescue

If you have failed your test we’ll help fix you up, with the the right skills you need to pass.

Confidence Building

Driving is not a natural thing to do, no wonder people feel anxious but we’ll help you to be comfortable driving.

What Does It Take To Pass Your Test?

We Want You To Pass 1st Time
If you want to get anywhere and any place in modern society then the ability to drive a car is going to be essential to your life. While a driving licence opens the doors to you having a lot of fun with things like weekend road trips and being able to spend more time with friends and family, being able to run your own car is going to add a stack of other benefits.

People who can drive safely, and have a clean licence usually have better access to a wider range of jobs. Yes, your career, the money you are going to earn, where you choose to live and even meeting your life partner can all be strongly influenced by your ability to drive.

Here at The A1 Driving Academy we are not your usual type of driving school, much of our experience relates to post licence driving skills and that means we can enhance our learning to drive courses where others will struggle.

You see, driving is easy, anyone can do it. But staying alive and away from accidents, even accidents caused by others and not your fault is a skill you have got to learn. 

The test itself is all about safe driving, so what you are going to learn is how to pass your driving test with safe driving skills. Call us right now for more information and to get started.

When Is It Your Turn To Pass

A small selection of successful students

Passed 1st Time

Passed 1st Time

Passed 1st Time

How To Save Time And Money

How Much Can You Save?

There are 3 immediate areas, perhaps 4 where you can save time and money when it comes to driving. This includes learning to drive and after you have your driving licence.

1. Driving Lessons. The right tuition have an instrumental effect on all 4 points, but firstly the ideal lessons for you will help you pass your driving test first time and give you safe driving skills for life.

2. Insurance. Accidents are not always your fault, but with the right lessons you can learn how to stay clear of danger. Being alert to other drivers and putting yourself in a safer position helps reduce accidents, keeping your insurance lower. Even in the event of a non fault accident your insurance can increase.

3. Fuel Economy. The price of fuel always increases. When learning to drive it’s crucial you learn eco-driving, even if you save just $5 a week, thats $260 over a year. 

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